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M & W Engineering

    For over 40 years M & W Engineering has been manufacturing Precision CNC parts and assemblies for prime manufacturers world wide. Our CNC Machining Facility has been a leader in both production CNC Machining and Prototype CNC Machining. Being an integral part of the Precision CNC Machining Industry in California M & W Engineering has been there first over the years with the latest in CNC procedures. Quality Control, Statistical Process Control, Total Quality Management, Just in Time Inventory, Turn Key Manufacturing, Value Added Engineering, Lean Manufacturing M & W Engineering has it all.

     Do you require CNC Prototyping? We have been involved in everything from the Space Shuttle to High End Home Theater Units. Maybe your needs are more along the lines of CNC Production work. We can be of assistance. We not only make your CNC Parts for you but Inventory them in our warehouse as well. All you have to do is let us know when you want them delivered. You get Custom CNC Machined parts with the in stock availability of catalog items. If we made it for you we stock it for you thus freeing up your floor space for other more important things.

     Give us a call or send an email and find out just how easy it is to get Custom Precision Machining that supports all of your Manufacturing requirements.